Breakfast Meals!

As previously stated I am in the process of becoming a reformed fat ass, well maybe not this weekend since I’m menstrual and have only eaten pizza since like Thursday…..such is life. But any-who, so my breakfast habits have changed completely. I use to eat cereal (cocoa pebble, fruity pebbles, captain crunch, etc), waffles, and sausage biscuits all the time. Or just skip breakfast completely. My breakfast in high school was a bag of honey nut cheerios and a Mt Dew. My mom never got up and cooked breakfast, sorry to call ya out but ya didn’t. So I just ate whatever I wanted……Once again I am a nazi when it comes to what my kids eat. So knowing that I have to start leaving my house no later than 5:20 to make it to clinical by 6:30, I decided to also do freezer breakfast. Typically for breakfast I make eggs, sausage/turkey bacon, waffle/french toast,pancakes, and then some type of fruit (now this is for the boys, not me). My boys are big on breakfast. So I wanted them to be able to continue this while under Nana’s care. Breakfast was a lot easier and did not take nearly as much time. For the boys, and capi and nana, I made;

Sausage pancake muffins/blueberry sausage pancake muffins

  • maple sausage link-turkey
  • pancake mix
  • butter milk
  • eggs
  • olive oil
  • blue berries
  1. make your pancake batter as stated on the directions
  2. cook sausage almost completely
  3. *add berries to the batter if you want to use berries, stir gently
  4. put a small amount of batter into the bottom of muffin pans
  5. cut sausage in half, whole piece won’t fit
  6. drizzle a small amount of pure honey over sausag
  7. fill the rest of the tin up almost completely
  8. bake at 350 for about 18 min, until golden brown

turkey bacon maple pancakes

*you can make any flavor pancake but since I don’t allow syrup I flavor with some sort of natural flavoring (we have maple, lemon, strawberry, vanilla, honey, etc)

  • turkey sausage
  • pancake mix
  • milk/butter milk
  • olive oil
  • flavoring
  • eggs
  1. begin to cook bacon. I used to square frying pan, not sure the technical name.
  2. Make batter as stated in directions
  3. add flavoring
  4. flip bacon
  5. once bacon is almost fully cook pour pancake mix over top bacon. It will spread so do not pour to much
  6. flip pancake bacon combo

Blueberry pancakes

  • pancake mix
  • milk/butter milk
  • vanilla
  • eggs
  • olive oil
  • fresh blueberries
  1. make batter as stated in directions
  2. mix well
  3. add blueberries
  4. stir genlty
  5. cook

Blueberry bread

*just find a recipe that you think looks good. I used The OJ made it a bit tart so I won’t make this recipe again, but it isn’t awful. I also substituted the white flour for wheat and the sugar for pure cane sugar.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pancakes *freaking amazing!

  • Pancake mix
  • eggs
  • olive oil
  • milk/butter milk
  • brown sugar
  • cinnamon
  • oats
  • chocolate chips
  • vanilla
  1. Grind your oats in a food processor/magic bullet
  2. mix all ingredients together
  3. cook

I adapted my recipe from this one

Raspberry Breakfast Bars


French Toast

  • texas toast bread
  • eggs
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla
  • milk
  1. mix the eggs, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon together
  1. dip bread in batter
  2. cook

You cook all of this stuff like you normally would, let it cool, put them in freezer bags, and freeze. Make sure that they are completely cooled before putting them in bags or they will get hard. I also went ahead and fried up some turkey bacon and maple sausage links and about  5-8 in small bags. And I always keep tons of fruits in the house so that shouldn’t be an issue. When mom gets breakfast out all she has to do is pop it into the microwave or toaster.

Now for myself I kind of went big, lol. My breakfast recently has been; 1 eggs and a cutie or A piece of 35 calorie bread with Better’n Peanut Butter and a cutie or a piece of 35 calorie toast with a smidgen of nutella and fresh strawberries/blackberries/raspberries on top. But I know that I am going to need a lot more than that to be up and functioning at 4:30am! And I am going to be in a very busy hospital so I have no idea when I may get to eat lunch. So for myself I made;

Breakfast Burritos

  • eggs
  • turkey sausage
  • hash browns- I made my own so that they wouldn’t be deep fried and I used red potatoes
  • peppers- all colors
  • onions
  • hot sauce/salsa
  • cheese
  • Tortilla shells- I used the medium size whole wheat life balance
  1. cut potatoes- I used a tools something like this


  1. Season with pepper and seasalt
  2. bake 400 until soft and golden brown
  3. mix eggs, milk, salt, pepper. Make eggs just like you would scrambled eggs- depending on how big of a batch your making use as many eggs as you think necessary.  I believe I used 15-18. Now I used farm fresh brown eggs and they are typically bigger than store bought eggs.
  4. Saute peppers and onions in a little bit of EVO
  5. Brown sausage
  6. Once everything is done cooking let it cool and then mix it all in a bowl. *Really you can use anything you like in these. Gravy, tomatoes, bacon, etc
  7. cut foil into a squares bug enough for the shells to sit on them.
  8. Add mixture to the shell. Not to much or you wont be able to roll them. *When Dean and I first started dating he asked me to make burritos, I had no idea how to. So I watched a ‘how to roll the perfect burrito’ tutorial on youtube!
  9. Add hot sauce/salsa
  10. make into burrito
  11. place in corner of foil and roll and tuck ends and finish rolling. *I learned this technique from the great people of Chipotle!
  12. freeze

With the amount of ingredients that I used, and my mom getting a few scoops out to eat, I made 12 burritos. If I only eat them on clinical days, which I will, they will last me a month.

OH! BIG must do!! At least for me since I won’t be the one getting the stuff out and cooking it. Make a master list of all the prepared food item in the freezer. Threaten everyone with their lives that if they get something out of the freezer,  they had better mark it off the damn list!!!! This way I know what is left and when more meals need to be prepared and what is lingering in the bottom of the freezer! This really is all about, hopefully, saving time and making sure that the ‘fast food quick fix’ does not happen.

As long as all of this works out I fully plan on continuing it. Now I can not really do this here in Moundsville but once I am back in Columbus I plan on hopefully finding a ‘mommy freezer meal swap group.’ In these groups you make your own freezer meals but you will swap a few with others in the group. This way its kind of like your eating out and you are not always the cook. And you get to try new things!

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